A few of you may remember I posted a thread here a few months back asking about a cheap, decent, metal guitar, and I ended up with a great little Jackson JX-10.

I'm pretty happy with it and the tone I get out of it, but the only problem is (theres always a catch) I can only get one distinct tone out of it because all three pick-ups are the same ( these )

So Iv been doing some thinkin' and I was wondering if putting a diffrent pick-up in the middle will help my situation and general tone. If so any suggestions? (I was thinking about putting a Dimebucker in but i'm usually wrong with these things )
And routing shouldn't be a problem
change the hieght of the pickups put the bridge up and the neck one more down. To do this just screw the screws on the sides of the pickups until you are happy i mean if you wanna cange them you can but IMO the dimebuckers are just bad.......

P.S Heightening the pickups will make a more treblely harsher sound where as lower them makes a more softer sound.....
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