awesomenesss!!!!!!you have some really killer chops. i wish my picking could be half as clean as yours. my music is on my profile page
Veryyy nice
Acid Rain really reminds me of Teardrop by Massive Attack, only laced with hallucinogenic drugs and distortion.
Liking Epiphany aswell. Nice and tight, excellent phrasing in the solo, and excellent playing too.
Just finish the tracks up and all shall be perfect.

I usually crit the recordings too, but the Lo-Fi atmosphere in these tracks is definately adding to them for me. I'm really digging the tin can snare in Epiphany. Sounds so raw and garageband-y, and that's the only time I'll ever compliment a tin can snare, so enjoy it. Haha

Songs: 9/10
Recordings: Technically something like a 5/10 but for artistic reasons I think they definately deserve a 9/10 here, very atmospheric in an odd kind of way.

Crit mine?
Nice work on epiphany, like the riffing and solo (got some phyrgian dominant goin on there if i'm not mistaken). It sounds like something buckethead would do. You've got skills man.

Acid rain is sick too. More like acid trip haha. Great work, really gives a sense of tripping out. Again, I hear some buckethead-esque stuff going on.

Here's a link to mine: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=884861

crit it when u get the chance! thanks.