Acoustic or Electric for Red Hot Chili Peppers? Which would be better sounding for the majority of their songs?
most red hot chili peppers songs are on an Electric guitar.. what do you think would be better?
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If I had to pick one I'd say electric. But their music is so varied and diverse that you'd be hard pressed to find one style of guitar playing to cover them all.
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Electric seen as the majority of there songs are played on electric guitar.
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Electric easier to replicate there sound with and if you need and acoustic songs you can get some nice effects maybe....?
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Im a begginer, so i dont know, but isnt heir guitar that have a switch so you can easilt change between electric and acoustic?
ya theres a big difference...you definatly cant get the same sound as an acoustic with an electric...but u can get alot closer then an acoustic to an electric
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Electric. All of their best songs, imo, translate well to acoustic though.
Electric, and get a strat. Gives a good chillis sound.
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For 90% of their songs, you should use some form of single coil Electric guitar, such as a Strat or a Tele, for the closest sound. However, you could play your own acoustic versions without too much difficulty if you tried.
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Acoustic or Electric for Red Hot Chili Peppers? Which would be better sounding for the majority of their songs?
electric, dude.... you cant properly do John's solos on an acoustic.
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