..this should be in the cover songs section.

*watches video*

Taking any lessons?
Fair playing, but tune the guitar...

Every time you pick up the guitar..play some riffs for a while to warm the strings up and then tune it to a digital tuner. They are cheap and well worth it these days.
Try some pedal to warm up the clean channel...sounds way too harsh IMO.

Look into the Yamaha Magicstomp FX processor. You can get them on ebay for around $150 or less. I have some great acoustic sim patches that would really do a lot for your song here.
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Yup i have a tuner but i try to tune it by ear most of the time, thx alot for the tips, any other would help. and i em self thought.
yea you could use a tuner and one word of advice, looks like your all downpicking since your a beginner you prolly don't alternate pick, trust me learn it. Its harder now but once you can your hand might hurt less on fast stuff. (i taught myself and downpicked for wayy too long)

a good exercise is going up the freatboard like this


go up to 12 (or higher) and back down strumming down up down up...

hope this helps
(if im wrong and you are im sure someone finds this useful)
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I tend not to go by ear.
I can tune by ear and such and think I'm dead on...right when you hear no oscillation in the note...

but when I then plug into my tuner I find that I tuned flat slightly.
So yea, a tuner is a nice thing to have in any situation.