I need some help here guys. I have 600$ to spend on an electric guitar. I have it narrowed down to two brands, Paul Reed and Ibanez. I have a hard rock band and want to know which guitar is better, any of the rg tremolos, or a PRS Custom or Singlecut??
Thanks if you answer
P.S. I almost forgot; I am a lead guitarist.
as much as i wanna say prs cuz they r awesome, the ibanez will prolly suit the genre better ans will make lead duties easier so u prolly want the ibanez
Stay away from Ibanet RG's with tremolos in that price range, those things are not reliable. I suppose you're talking about PRS SE models, right? Those are fine instruments, if you tried one and liked it, go for it.
paul reed smiths have bassy tone Ibanez is more for shredding. I'd say if you really want a good low end and heaviness get the PRS