for a bit of fun, me and a friend want to buy a cheap guitar from a pawn brokers and do it up a bit

i was just looking for suggestions of mods that i could do

seeing as this is just a project for fun and i won't play this guitar at gigs or recording or anything like that, i'm going to try to fit as much as possible into it

any ideas will be welcome

black ice mod is always cool, but you need a spare pot, or I guess you could hook it up to a switch. Doesn't do much on a gain channel, but on a clean channel it gives a nice bluesy growl which is pretty cool. And it costs about 60 cents, lol

a killswitch, or a button... personally i'd prefer a button but its up to the person.... which would cost probably a total of 3 bucks... maybe a little more if you went with a better switch/button... which i've heard cheap buttons and switches can cause pops.

And a build in fuzz pedal or something would kick ass, but you would need to route a cavity to fit it. I wouldn't recommend those modboards from gutiarfetish, i heard they sound like ****
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try and fit as many different ones on as possible

that'd be awesome

Rockin' shit
yeah, i'll try to get at least 10 pickups in it

i'm also gonna try to give it onborad distortion and delay