I want to get a small little practice amp for home and band practice. I heard that the valve junior combo from epiphone is good and also the little marshall MG10CD. I don't know if they're right for my playing styles though. I like to play hardcore, rock, blues,metal and love clean channels also. My budget is $200. Any suggestions for other amps or feedback on the latter two?
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dont get MG...

for 200...uh...Blackheart? its alilttle over 200 tho. and IMO it has the best clean sound ever.
the epi VJ is unlikely to do metal well as it is vintage voiced. But with a decent pedal, it can do alreet.

Dont go for anything marshall MG series.

Try a peavey backstage
or peavey royal 8

or any small valve amp by crate
nything but mg. vox has some good cleans
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