hey my bro wants an amp, he plays like oasis and u2, he needs it for liek his bedroom maybe bit of practise, i said a blackheart but he doesnt seem that convienced by it.
any help
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vox ac 15 or fender hot rod deville

yep or a bules jr maybe.
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marshall ms-4
it costs about 50 bucks
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Your brother has the money for a Les Paul Custom but hats to cheap out on the amp?

He would probably like an AC-30 (make sure not to buy the Chinese one) or Orange.

Seriously, if he has a good guitar like that he should save more for an amp.
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Marshall MG 15CDR? I dont care what people, the amp ****in rocks. :P


TS, the Blackheart's a great choice, Laney VC is good too.
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Said it so many times....Vox Valvetronix series....AD30VT perhaps?
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