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I am building my “dream amp”…A Blackface Deluxe Reverb (AB763 circuitry). I have always loved these amps, great clean tone, love the features and just the right size and output power for me. I am not quite sure why I am building it right now. I had this 18W build all set up in my head then I just switched and started building a DR. I am the type that starts a task then sees something shinny and gets distracted.

Anyways I am going to try and make this one very close to the original. That means carbon comp resistors, Sprague caps, Orange Drop caps, cloth wire etc etc… In the end the circuitry will change a bit though with some mods and making up for some of Fender’s “mistakes”. Well it should sound killer, I don’t really care if it doesn’t sound the same as the original. It will however look almost identical to the original DRs.

I am buying the chassis, faceplate(s) and eyelet board from Weber Speakers. All other parts will be sourced out.

Here is the schem I am working from…

Some features…
Two channels (standard controls but bright switch is added on each channel)
Push pull intensity pot on vibe channel to compensate for slight volume loss compared to the normal channel
RCD carbon comp resistors
Orange Drop caps
Sprague cathode bypass caps (and all other smallish caps)
Alpha/CTS pots
Switch-craft Jacks
Ceramic tube sockets
AUX power socket
Amp can use a GZ34 recto or a cap can (requires slight mod [5V tap])

Universal presence control for both channels
Improved taper on reverb pot (A)
Reverb works on both channels
Pentode/Triode Switch (allows the amp to run at 10ishW.)

Potential mods…
Beefing up the normal channel. I want a super clean vibe channel with the normal channel having a bit more grit and being a bit fatter.
Mallory coupling caps and different values. To make the amp a bit warmer and fuller, in particular on the normal channel.
Cathode bias
Mid pot (probably will just tweak with resistors)
DC filaments

As for tubes I can’t decide. JJs are a bit dark for my taste. Tung Sol are supposed to be bright which I like but apparently they get fizzy and nasty when you push them hard. EHX are fairly micro phonic and boring. Any suggestions?

All parts are on order….already got the resistors and some caps.
Fender tubes or Groove Tubes. both brands are used by Fender, so i'd assume that one or the other would be what was originally used in the DR.
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Man, i would love to make that one day. or own one at least.
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Just a question, why are you using carbon comps everywhere?
I'm assuming you've read the geofex article about using them only when they could be useful (high voltage, high current situations)? Are you just going for the mojo vibe?

Another thing. I've always loved DR's, but i've always wanted a little bit more gain on tap. Ever thought about adding an extra, footswitchable, tube boost stage?
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O ya I know all about carbon comps and there issues...Those low to high voltage spots are killer. So ya there will be spots where the resistors will be metal film (input jacks and the first preamp's grid etc etc). I think with proper lead dress and grounding scheme I should not have any noise problems though.

I am using RCD carbon comps though. They are really nice...Check out there specs, they were pretty much designed for tube audio circuits.

In this amp I am looking for the sparkly cleans so no more gain is needed. If one wanted more gain there would probably be an easier way of getting it then adding another pre amp stage... The gain of a stage is set by the plate and cathode resistors so I imagine adjusting the resistor values there could help ya...That's what I would try.
Sounds like a killer project. Should be loads of fun! I think triode mode sounds like ass, though. Just my opinion. Always go with ceramic sockets. I definitely agree with reverb on both channels. Not having a normal with reverb capability is just silly. I've been liking the new Mullard tubes lately. As for the 6v6... how about Philips NOS?
O triode mode is bad....bah go big or go home I guess...Why does it sound so bad?

I am using ceramic sockets like I always do. Those NOS 6V6s are a bit pricey...yikes.
I hear tung-sol does make very nice 6V6's.

Another thought. Maybe put in a tone-stack voicing switch, going from classic fender voice to maybe a more modern two-rock or dumble style voicing. Gotta love versatility.
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I like having triode mode to reduce power. It just doesn't sound as full and meaty in my opinion. Also, according to my ears, it changes the frequency response. To each his own.

They are pricey, but you get what you pay for. The Tung-Sols will probably sound very good.
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OK good to know...

I didnt realize the price of those Phillps were for a pair...Its not too bad then. Do you have any complaints about Tong Sols?

Also do you think Mullards for the pre amps tubes would sound good in this amp? Keep in mind I want a very clean and classic American amp.
I haven't used Tung Sols, personally. From what I gather, they would be great. I just figured since you're building your dream amp, you might want something better.

I've been playing with the new Mullard 12AX7s, and they seem to be quite detailed. They sound the best to my ears with the plate voltage set to about 100V, and the grid set to about -1.1V.
You could also go with the Tung-Sol 12AX7. It seems to have good reviews. I don't think spending a bunch of cash on a Black Sable or Telefunken is worth it for a guitar amp. I prefer JJ over EH, but that's just me. For the price, I'd go with the Mullard.
Thanks for all the info...Here is what I am thinking.

Mullards (with low noise and microphonics test) for both V1s of the two channels.

All other 12AX7 will be Tung Sol.

NOS Philips 12AT7 for the phase inverter. With matched + balanced triodes testing.

Those NOS Philips for the power tubes. And probbly a JJ for the recto.
As an alternative to the triode switch, have you looked at the 18watt Vajra design amp? It basically has a pot on one of the power tube grids that can ground the signal, and this makes the amp operate safely in true single-ended configuration. It'd probably bring your power output down to about 6-7w. You could change the pot to a switch, that'd be quite a useful option if you're interested. Check it on
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Nah, what you effectively do is ground the input to one of the power tubes after the phase inverter. It means the amp basically works like a SE amp. You may have to include a Cathode/Fixed bias switch by the looks of the schem (can an SE amp work in fixed bias?) because i'm unsure exactly of that, but yeah it just changes it into a SE 6V6 amp at the flick of a switch or turn of a pot.

I'll attempt to post a pic of the schematic here but you may have to be a member of to view it:

Also, good luck with the project. I was looking into doing a modded Deluxe Reverb clone a while back, it fell through though. I'm still searching for the perfect amp to build...
The Laney Thread are big and clever. No exceptions.
Nope, not really. I still have it, the cab and the chassis. The Transformers look in good shape but I don't have any way of testing them really... I didn't wanna put all my eggs in its basket. The cab needs touching up a fair bit too. Maybe in the future, I can forsee an AC30 build being pricey.
The Laney Thread are big and clever. No exceptions.
I say restore it!

In an attempt to keep things interesting here is a picture of most of my caps and resistors (carbon comps) I use for amp building/modding. I got all the resistors here and the filter caps here. Still waiting on the Orange Drops and Sprague bypass caps.

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about the tubes - i ordered 3 tung-sol 12ax7's for my ceriatone c-30 (the "TB" channel), they are very defined, kinda hi-fi. i really like them for cleans never got any 'fizz' out of them, i tried cranking it on 15W mode (it kinda hurt my ears..) - got some nice crunch, but i did have to cut some highs when i did .
i did try a NOS GE 12ax7 in V1, and actually liked it less then the tung sol.
for the PI, i eventually swapped out the tung sol for a GT 'SAG' balanced 12ax7, works great.
I can't really comment because i'm not amazingly well versed in electronics, i'm pretty much learning from what you guys say in these threads. But it looks nice from my point of view

Should be getting my build underway at some point, hope this one goes well!
kurtlives91 you are awesome, i followed your last build and if this one goes like that then i'll be very impressed!
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I really wish i knew how to make an amp but i m learing a bit from all you nice guys on UG. But it sounds nice anyway.... "Deluxe Reverb Build" sounds fancy..
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Got some stuff in today....Basically just waiting on the big stuff (transformers, chassis, eyelet board, reverb etc). Then I need to order tubes and some other small stuff I want like bias check points and some Mallory caps.

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I say restore it!

In an attempt to keep things interesting here is a picture of most of my caps and resistors (carbon comps) I use for amp building/modding. I got all the resistors here and the filter caps here. Still waiting on the Orange Drops and Sprague bypass caps.

What exactly are those white blocky looking things? Sorry if thats a dumb question.
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Ok...thanks. I wasn't really sure because there weren't really any markings.
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hey, sorry to nag, and for the off topic, but i kinda need those dimensions soon

cheers dude

Oohh damn I'm excited about this!
A Deluxe Reverb is one of my dream amps too.. I'll be following this thread closely, that's for sure
And good luck with the build Kurt
The gear is in the profile.
You know you want to take a look

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I'm definately watching this one, loved your Vibro Champ build, and this can only get better!

I can't wait for the final pictures and sound clips already

Good luck with the build.
Got your Pm dude, cheers, when i get the cash, probably around christmas at the rate i'm going, i'll get that build underway.

This build is looking awesome, what are those things (this is gonna sound vague) that look like a long switch, with 5 or so points on them? I'm curious?
^bottom left corner? Those are two DPDT slide switches. Used to add some sparkle and brithgtness to either channel.

The FedEx lady woke me up on Friday...She called to tell me a package was coming on Monday and I owed them Monday...Good I guess
Tomorrow I am starting the build....

Once the amp is up and running I will have an extra hole on the back (where the ground switch was) I can do some interesting stuff with it...the options...
1. Cathode bias/fixed bias switch
2. Mid pot
3. Pentode/Triode Switch
4. SS recto/tube recto switch

Which one to implement?
Pentode/Triode switch maybe?

I'm curious as to how much it costs to build this, and also where you got that schem book.

Looking forward to the results! Your VibroChamp build was awesome. Can't wait to see how this one goes!
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