Not literally. Anyways I recently bought a Fender Twin Reverb and everything was fine for the past month however recently one of the power tubes start glowing very bright orange and one a little dimmer and then two look normal (hardly any glow at all), before they start getting orange it makes a little popping noise (I watched it to see what was going on) and the blue inside it got a bit brighter than as I played heavier the tube started to glow extremely bright orange and get very hot,(the wood cover behind the tubes the vinyl or whatever it's coated with got soft and it filled my room with the smell of wood and glue. This has never happened before since I bought the amp and I intend on bringing it in because the tubes have 90 days warranty but I want to know what could be wrong with it. And yes it still sounds normal however I think theres a humming there that was never there before and it gets pretty loud.

EDIT: This is only on volume 3.5, and I will also add in they are Fender Groove Tubes (White) however the tubes that get really hot, the white actually changed to a blonde brown because of the heat. Which I'm pretty sure isn't normal.
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Bad tubes. It comes with the territory. It's the nature of the beast. Buy a new set of tubes, and if it keeps happening, then the amp is biased too hot, in which case, take it to a tech and get him to bias it a little colder.
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Um, did it ever occur to turn that **** off? You might have blown something. Take it back.
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Bad tubes and/or biased hot it seems. Fender GTs suck, get some jjs in that thing.
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it's a bad tube. One has a mild short, and it's bringing down the other in the pair. Common with todays tubes. New power tubes and you'll be sorted.
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Yes I turned it off as soon as I noticed It heated up my whole room and smelled horrible, I'm bringing it in tomorrow thanks guys.
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I don't have a guitar tech around here and my amp was doing that, so I took it to the television repair shop, because old televisions used to run on vacuum tubes, like amps. He said something was wrong with the compasitor (sp.. lol) But it'll be done on Monday and I'll see if he fixed it..
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