If your pick (a.k.a. Plectrum) has some sort of adventure or history post it here!
My pick is currently stuck inside my acoustic guitar bracing
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It's kinda like indiana jones and the raider's ark, only a pick instead of an arc. Oh and the nazis are bass players.
stole em all from the other guitarist in my band
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i was wondering what is some of the stuff you guys would consider better than WOW

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Getting kicked in the balls repeatedly

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Oh and the nazis are bass players.


anyway, my pick has been in my mouth for a whole maths lesson, then i lost it for a week, then i saw a girl i liked playing with it (not guitar putting it in her mouth) i asked for it back, put it in my pocket, and am currently chewing it now. the weird thing is i very rarely use a pick if ever
I caught mine at a gig with a local band (that was actually quite good).
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why would they star in a movie making fun of themselves

Subject: Spinal Tap.

I found my favourite pick at my neighbour... played with it and thought "Hey, this is quite a comfy pick.... *yoink*"
I've been using the same pick for nearly year now, since the brand and model stamp is so worn out you can't see it...
You like it
Well I have multiple picks. But they're all green and have turtles on them.
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I use Dunlop Jazz I's. I found it stuck to some gum under my table at school.
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Well my picks are see through-yellow so when I drop it on the ground it takes forever to find because it camouflages with the floor.
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My pick is currently stuck inside my acoustic guitar bracing

This happens to me too much.

I find my lost picks in the oddest places: inside a shoe, underwear drawer, in the middle of book pages.
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All mine are boring and generally just get lost and never come back...But my brother caught a pick from Synester Gates and I wish to steal it.
Tortex Reds.
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I remember that

Sadly, I was the threatened.
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I use my fingers. I used to use

Those. In red.

Yeah same here. Such a great pick...
I caught mine from whatever the guys name is who plays in arch enemy... thats sort of cool
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It's kinda like indiana jones and the raider's ark, only a pick instead of an arc. Oh and the nazis are bass players.

I didn't know you were playing guitar oO
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a lot of mine are stolen from my local GC. I ask em for one to borrow, and i don't give em back, but there sucky picks anyways, but I usually use tortex blues or purples.
My brother gave me a pick he got from a White Zombie concert.
It looks like this, except that it just has the standard Dunlop Tortex design on it.
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tortex green and yellow, i dont see how any one can use the orange....or the purple for that matter
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I use the Purple Tortex picks great to use, I found one in the filter of the clothes dryer a couple of weeks ago, that was weird.
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I use the dark blue Tortex's.

I don't see how people can use the same pick for ages and ages, mine get completely worn down and ****ed after a month or so of using them. And if I play a gig with a plectrum it's usually trashed by the end, no matter what condition it was when I started... strange!
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True that. True that.
Methinks you pwned the thread dude.

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I usually put my picks inside my ass for a couple of days before I use them.
Gives them a nice sticky feel, and they smell good too!
If I use this particular pick I become invisible and it starts glowing weird **** and stuff. I also dropped it into the fireplace once but it didn't even melt or something. O and last time I used it was at band practice, and when we left I saw a couple of dudes with long black coats stabbing a hobo to death. Really weird, I wonder what that's all about.
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Its been in my hands, in my guitars, in my mouth, in my pocket, in my wallet and all over the place until I lose it. Repeat as necessary.
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My pick, well old one, gets stuffed in the button of my fan so it stays in.
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one time I dropped a Jazz III Pick in my room, but then I found it in the spilled coal from the fireplace
I honestly don't know how