Anyone know their policy? If I only had a soft case for my acoustic would it be safe?
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can't you take it on as hand luggage?
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Call the airline

Probably you can have it loaded on the tarmac, like you hand it to the dudes and they put it on the plane, this avoids it getting raped in the sorting thing. If you are traveling though I would suggest a hard shell atleast
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If you only have a soft case, most airlines will allow it as carry on luggage. Definately call them to make sure. You don't ever want to check in a guitar in a gig bag.
Easyjet won't let you in the plane with something over the size of a regular briefcase...
They even have this thing on the check in counter where you have to put you hand luggage -> if it fits, it's good to go. If it doesn't, ***** happens*

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