I was wondering everyones opinion on the 1996 Fender Jag-Stang and if i wanted to play punk or ska should i get it?
I think they are cheap guitars. I would say just get a mustang, but if you want a higher quality guitar for not much of a price difference go with a Jaguar or a Jazzmaster.
Well IMO they horrifically ugly so I wouldn't get one for anything.

Porbably would work okay for ska though.
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They aren't bad guitars, but the pickups apparently sucked and I've heard a few not-so-nice things about the fretwork and finish jobs. I also would just get a new Mustang. Built better, it has punchier pickups, and Fender did a great job on the finishes imo.
My friend uses one in his punk band, and I find that it has a great tone for the genre. Id say look into it.
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