We're playing at my graduation cookout.
and the setlist concludes of

star spangled banner.
hot ice (origonal ) punk metal jam
Slayer medley.
fight for your right to party - vocals
rooster - vocals
back in black
freebird - vocals
b.t.s (origanol ) Creepy arpeggiated like song
come together - vocals
moby dick

so what order should these be in.

and be free to share your tips with me.
were a trio and i do vocals for most songs
one useful tip: if you make mistakes, whatever that might be, don't talk about it on stage. just play on and smile and talk about it backstage. maybe nobody noticed
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people are going to get bored unless you're real good o_o

Great advice for someones first gig jackass :P

Just have fun, doesnt really matter what order so long as you enjoy it and make others get into it :P
+1 to the bored thing. Also, the "Slayer medley" seems a bit out of place considering the other songs. Are the grads you're performing for going to like Slayer? Nothing annoys people more that music that they don't like, even if its played well (if played badly...well you get the idea).

EDIT: I'm not trying to be a prick, just giving some honest thoughts.

EDIT 2: Just noticed the what order part... I'd start off with something to get people going. Perhaps "come together" or "fight for your right". It seems cliche to end on Freebird, but I don't really see that song as anything but a set-ender. I would advise against playing it mid-set.
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You're setting your expectations really high by playing songs like freebird and moby dick. Hopefully you got those down really tight, because nobody likes to hear some no name band F-up freebird. Just make sure that your guitarist and drummer know what they're getting in to.

Good Luck. And I'd put freebird last (obviously) and put moby dick somewhere near the middle-back, and I'd suggest starting with back in black
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star spangled banner.

Who the hell are you?!? Jimi F*cking Hendrix?!?

On a more serious note, good luck. Maybe fix up the set with something fun though. Just mix in a little bit of everything. I wish you well though.
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touche sir.