As a lead guitarist should my strings be heavy, light or in between? Also what brand do u recommend for solos and hard rock?
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it's all preference


cmon guys i agree it is all preference but your not really helping much by saying that.

ok cbill, what type of music do you play???

one thing to remember is that if you play metal and use dropped tunings heavy strings will be more suitable, but also consider that they require more hand strength to play with and generaly its harder to play faster on a heavier gauge.

personally i play ernie ball super slinkys, people like steve vai and john petrucci use these, they sound very tinny at first but once you have played them in theyre really good.

Playing guitar is all about free expression, which is what makes it so great. So just try some stuff, and find what you like best.
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Quote by Ghold125
it's all preference

+1. Generally speaking just use the kind of strings that you like.
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i play a jackson kelly (25.5" scale), and i first started playing with 10-46. i recently put on some 8-38's and i actually like them quite a bit . they sound brighter which is good for me who's into shred guitar (vai, satriani, gilbert, etc), however when i play metal (arch enemy, in flames, etc) palm mutes don't sound as "chuggy" as they did with the thicker 10-46 strings.

i heard a loss of output, but a little tweak on my amp, and i got my tone back pretty satisfactorily.