im in music theory and i have a final, and there is one question that i dont know, and couldnt find anywhere, here it is
What is the section of a song with new music and lyrics??
d. Interlude,

any help?
what kind of question is that? :S
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its aether A or D
I would say interlude but im not sure

interlude-as a separate creation/movement of music
the bridge is typically used to pause and reflect on the earlier portions of the song or to prepare the listener for the climax

Tell your teacher i told him/her that is a very idiotic question.
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I'd sat either verse or bridge

EDIT: verse 'cause of the new lyrics
You like it
verses and choruses have lyrics, but choruses repeat, so your talking about the verse, but verses generally have the same undermusic as other verses

but dude, thats kinda simple for a music theory final...
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1- lame question
2- verse? seriously? "new music"
3- unless you're not just playing some pop song and you're changin it up here and there
4- lameeeee question.
Yeah ****ing stupid question. Be a prick to the teacher and argue constantly that verse is right because it is the start of a song, therefore will have new lyrics and music.
interlude, because chorus repeats, verses have different lyrics but generally the same music and afaik bridges can be repeated
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