Sup Guys =P

Well i've been playing guitar for a quite a while now, for 14 months to be exact, i didn't have any problems with pinky at all until today, i mean i can play master of puppets solo, eruption , i can tap anything out, but today... i started hammering only with pinky, before that ive been practicing this kind of lick

h8p5 h7p5 h6p5 h6p5 h7p5 h8p5 on all strings with all fingers .... but today i tryed this only with pinky and it was a disaster

i cant play fast and it gets tired to fast and like i cant feel it it goes to away from fretboard.... and it's a bif ****

anyways, i know that i need to practice but i want a good way to do it... i've only could come up with 2

1. to continue hammering with pinky all day and night
2. to play "chromatic scales" with 3rd and 4th finger(pinky)

any suggestions?
i think the chromatic exercises helped me a lot. i also do this thing which is some variation:


once you get to the first string, shift up one fret (5-2-4-5-4-2) and progress back towards the first string. keep moving up as high up the fretboard as it feels comfortable to still use the same fingers, then reverse to go back to the first fret. i do this all the time when i'm watching the office on my computer.
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i've been doing chromatics for a long time, i can do them up to 150bpm in 16th notes without any problems... but my pinky is fcking weak
You could always just trill with your index and pinky in increments of one minute, three times a day, and if that fails, there's always chromatics.
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