Im looking at getting a custom guitar made by my father in law who is a qualified carpenter of 40 years and he has done some amazing classical pieces of woodwork. Anyway i am interested to get him to make a guitar because he needs some work and he lives in Canada so the exchange rate is very favourable for my in Scotland.

Is it easy to make irreversable mistakes? Are there any good journals of info on guitar building you recommend>? Looking at top quality materials and a schecter c1 or carvin ct shape
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As long as you take things slowly and carefully, any mistakes can only ever be minor. The hardest and most frustrating part is becoming familiar with the tools. If he knows how to use his tools, and knows what the goal is, he'll be able to visualise it in the wood and make it.

Most people get the Melvin Hiscock (I think) book on building guitars, then the MIMF forums and Projectguitar.com are good places to look. There's also a wealth of experience here on the forums, if there are any problems.