Hey guys!

I was wondering, if you could help me out here.
I have to go to my music exam on Thursday, and we're gonna play the Mamas and Papas classic: California Dreaming. And ofc, I have to be the one playing the bass. I'm not pro at playing bass at all. So I find, the tabs I found here on UG a bit difficult, then I thought, that you might help me to simplify the tabs to some more beginner-like tabs.

Bass tabs

Thanks in advance
Whats so difficult about it?
Just for the measures like:


And so on. Just improvise and make it sound good!
errr thats kinda really easy,dude....

but if you must simplify
instead of continously playing the same note over and over, just play it once per measure

ex: if it says to play 4 four times in a measure,just play one and hold it for the whole measure

if it says play 4, then 5, hold 4 for half a measure and then 5 for the other half

got it?
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add that:
Actually it ain't really those parts, which is the problem. It's just that there's so many accords to remember. My memory isn't, what it was used to be.
just play the parts over and over seperately then put them all together and review them regularly thats wat i do and it helps me remember lots of stuff