I asked a question on here yesterday about an rg1570 and js100 and I went to go order the rg1570 today and from a week and a half ago it went from 800 to 900 dollars. Why the hell would they just raise the price all of a sudden? Now I figure I should just the get the rg2550z right? I mean, I can't figure out why they just raised it to the same price as what seems to be a better guitar in the rg2550z which has dimarzio pickups and an edge zero bridge. Yeah they're ibz dimarzios, but they're still dimarzios. So i should just go with the rg2550z right? Seems like a better deal.
The price raise could be from anything; I can't help you there. And yes, the 2550z has Ibanez Dimarzios, but if it's anything like Ibanez EMGs, then it's not really worth it (In my opinion).
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Or you could look around at other online retailers and see if some of them are too slow and didn't raise the price yet, and you can get it for the old price.
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It's still $800 at a couple different places...

And someone posted this same exact thread yesterday, only to realize they could still get it new for $650...