ok, I need to build up a calus on the right hand that taps the fret. how the heck can I speed that up so i'm not waiting weeks or months on end?
do nothing but tap with that finger
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tap until your fingers bleed, then smear it on the neck and strings as lubricant.
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Learn to play left-handed

why would he do that

no, seriously, just tap like a biiiiitch with that finger all the time, worked for me
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why do you need to build callouses? if it's not there from playing, you don't tap enough to need them... and if you need them because it hurts A LOT, then they'll develop really quickly.. if it just kinda hurts, your lame and need to suck it up..

my best advice for building callouses is to do it until you get a blister, then pop it (sterilized needle) wait a day, and then keep going..

the easy way out - Krazy Glue.. spread it on, let dry for 30 seconds, good to go

i use Krazy Glue during band practices when my hands get sweaty and the skin becomes weak... also, my bassist used it because he splits open his thumb slapping sometimes... our drummer just used it because he cracked a stick while playing, and had a cut..

it's amazing stuff
geez thats the lamest thing ever. i've never needed glue -.- well maybe i have, ive bled quite a few times, but all u gotta do in that case is use a freakin bandage. it messes your playing, but w/e i'm too adicted to not play :P

about the topic, like it was said before, use that finger in normal tapping instead of the one u do normally. and create some exercises with it.. improvise stuff.

and yeah dont learn left handed, its a waste of time.. unless you wanna be a show-off like michael angelo batio and play covers of other bands for infinity and never be a good musician.
Really learning left handed isn't a bad idea. I did, and i'm not great left handed, but I can play simple chords and scales. Nowhere near my ability on right handed. But it seriously helps your finger dexterity and flexibility. Really good if you are planing on playing three and four finger tapped passages.
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Play tons of hammer-ons and pull-off, or plays lot of licks you'll get callouses in no time.
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ok, I need to build up a calus on the right hand that taps the fret. how the heck can I speed that up so i'm not waiting weeks or months on end?

Take up carpentry, it will definetley give you a calus!

No man just keep on tapping, that is the only thing you can do.
Tapping with the pick helps, since it's a lot harder you won't have to slam as hard. It will however require some more precision since it slips easier.

Also try tapping crosshanded this will not only result in both of your arms getting a workout but trains your hands better in playing to what you want to hear instead of getting a routine in them wich imo is a bad thing.
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