as it says, im looking for some good songs to fingerpick on acoustic.
i can already do:
mama im comin' home-ozzy
civil war-GNR
under the bridge- RHCP
and im workin on
crazy on you-heart

anything thats about that difficulty would be great
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crazy on you-heart

:points to user title: I approve.

"Rivendell" - Rush
"Landslide" - Fleetwood MAc
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Id second More Than Words.
If your Final Fantasy fan; TO Zanarkand from ffx

And if you want a challenge, Livin On a Prayer - Tomi Paldanius (fingerstyle cover of Bon Jovi)
+1 for To Zanarkand. There's also 'eternity memory of lightwaves' from final fantasy.
such great heights by iron & wine is a great song and very simple.
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Babe I'm gonna leave you by Led Zeppelin!
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"This Old Guitar" - John Denver


There are plenty of books of fingerstyle arrangements of popular songs if that's what you're after.
"There but for fortune go you or I"- Phil Ochs
House of the Rising Sun
Stairway to Heaven
Dust in the Wind

These might be too advanced right now but they're essential for all fingerpickers