I know it is kinda late to post this.
The title says it all.
Mine is France; France has been literally always my favorite team because I have a fourth of french blood. (My grandfather). In the World Cup final, I cried when Trezeguet failed the penalty. I still remember that bazooka shot clearly.
Anyways, please contribute.
Finland. ""

I wish. Everything besides Italy, France and Greece gets my sympathy.

Quote by streetlegal08
I think that they were eliminated. Were they?

No. they're even with Russia in 2nd place with 3 points in the group D, but Sweden has a goal difference lead of three goals.

They can still win the group, can't they?

Teams	Pld	+/-	Pts
Spain	2	4	6
Sweden	2	1	3
Russia	2       -2	3
Greece 	2	-3	0
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None of them. I have virtually no links to any of them so I'm not supporting anybody. England arent in, Republic of Ireland arent in, so I cant support anyone.
Well yeh..no England,

It should be France, being that its a few miles away, but Germany because I like the way they play.