alright so right now, i have an mim strat that my dads friend gave to me a few years ago. However, i want a guitar that can play heavier stuff such as ac dc and guns n roses. seeing as angus and slash are my two biggest influences, i am torn between the sg and les paul body shape.

i had a few guitars in mind. I dont want an amazing guitar, just one that is about the same as the strat quality-wise.

here are the choices i came up with:



If you like the strat why not spend the money on a humbucker for the bridge and the rest of the money on an amp (assuming you have a "meh" amp that is)...
i have a crate 65 watt that i just bought so another amp is oout of the question. However, i am wondering something. my strat is sss and i was wondering if all of the sss were pre routed so you could put a full humbucker in the bridge.