I'm going to sell my VHT Ultralead because i'm leaving for university in a couple of months

the amp is in perfect condition although the tubes have worn out so it is currently being serviced and will probably have some brand spanking new tubes when it gets back

I don't particularly need to over-sell this amplifier, if you're looking at this thread then you should know that it's an incredible amplifier- hand made boutique amp that does ANY tone under the sun ridiculously well, although it is particularly reknowned for it's jaw dropping metal tone and i'll be the first to endorse that!
Hopefully in the near future i'll come back to VHT but at the moment it seems a waste having it at low volumes in a student apartment

this particular amp is a US model so i will throw in the stepdown transformer to run it in the UK for free (it cost me £60)
This is also the non-graphic EQ version which many say has a more open sound than the w/EQ version although i haven't compared them myself

I'm looking for £1350 (RRP over £2000)

Hope to hear from you soon
I'm around the Leeds/Bradford W. Yorkshire area by the way, pick-up is prefered but i can arrange delivery if needs be

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