I recently pulled out my old Squier Affinity P-Bass, and was wondering if I should add some new stuff on it to possibly spice it up.

If I were to add some new pickups...Seymour Duncan or maybe EMGs or something...would it change how the P-Bass sounds? Or would it just be...well..."a polished turd"?
i fixed mine up and its good. put in new pots, a gold pickguard, demarzio pups, jazz knobs, badass II bridge. if you dont want to part with your baby i would say go for it.
So it goes.
add new pickups and a bridge. i have a seymour duncan quarter-pounder in my fender p-bass and it sounds solid. i also suggest a leo quan badass II bridge. it'll help add sustain and tone
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People here dislike EMGs, but if you want a sweet tone along with a hi-output signal, go for it.
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Alright, I'll probably do it. I was thinking of getting Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound Pickups, a Badass II Bridge and a new pickguard.
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Yes as in good idea? Or bad idea?

Do it. But if you dont want it to be a "polished turd", dont put in EMG's.
Maybe give it a new neck, PG, and a bridge. You might frigg it up if you dont know what your doing though.
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Alright. I was thinking of also getting a fretless neck, but they're kind of hard to find around here...
What kind of tone are you looking for in pups? I went for the SD quarter pounders because I wanted a bright punchy tone (which in a maple bass is very bright and loud). The EMGs and Fenders just weren't quite the tone I was looking for.

Mods are fun and they also give you a bit of experience in repairs, which I think is a useful skill to have as a musician.