I've responded to an offer for a used Ibanez ATK-300 bass on Craigslist. The owner said they would give it to me for $80, but they said it needs "new pots," becuase it would only generate static if plugged into an amp.

Should I go for it? Does anyone know how much it would cost to get it fixed?
Depends. You could make a pretty sweet bass depending on the pickups you put in it. (How much money you put in it)
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you could probably do it yourself for $10 or something. just take the old pots out, go to an electronics store and ask for some replacements that are exactly the same
If its just the pots and you are handy with electronics, its a cheap fix. If you are looking at new pups, its going to run you a bit more.

As far as getting someone else to do it, its about a hours worth of labour in a shop, which in my area of the universe can run you from 45 - 100 USD, depending on the shop . Some will give you a discount on the install if you buy the parts through them.
Thanks for your input. I know nothing about guitar wiring, and this will be my first electric instrument, so I don't think I'm ready to do it myself.
(My electronics experience is limited to assembling a computer.)

Not to mention I'd never even heard of pots until about an hour ago.

Can I get it fixed up at the local Sam Ash, or will I have to take it to a specialty store?
i say buy it. chances are it's a simple wiring issue. pots is just "industry lingo" for volume, tone, or pan knobs. no big deal. pots do not fail that often, and i'm thinking if you spend $100 to get it fixed, your still ahead in this deal.

Edit: and Yes, Sam Ash, or any other local music shop can fix it, or give you the name of the people that do repairs, in your area.
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I'd buy an ATK in pretty much any condition for £40.

My thoughts exactly.

Very good deal you got there.
If it only needs new pots it shouldn't just much at all.
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I went ahead and got it. The action has to be lowered, and the pots (and probably strings) need to replaced, but besides that, it seems good.