Okay, so a while ago I made a thread about this Kevin Drew ordeal where he got a bunch of my friends and I to be in the new Stars video. Well it just came out yesterday or the day before, and I had just seen it on The Wedge.

SO, if anyone wants to see me and my friends being a bunch of tools, go to http://axs.muchmusic.com/?fr_search=%22bitches%20in%20tokyo%22. If that doesn't work, just go to http://axs.muchmusic.com and search for "bitches in tokyo".

To be honest I really hate the video, the song, and the band for that matter. But hey! I got to be Stars in the Stars video!

Also I'm the asian guy putting on mascara in the beginning. And I'm the one with the black top and pink pantyhose in the band.
it didnt work for me... im not canadian... i caught up on my lack of having heard tokyo ska paradaise orchestra in a while though
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I feel discriminated against!

If it helps, I'd rather be in Canada than here.
No prob, I'd like to see it cause I totally remember that first thread.

And I, unlike you apparently, like Stars.
I was sitting there for two minutes waiting for it to start. I got a bit of Jay-Z or something and some ticket thing for mobile phones and then a blank screen for two minutes - and I sat through it assuming an ad was being blocked or something - then noticed the Canadian thing
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very neat that you were in the video.

i will say that directing does not seem to be Kevin Drew's specialty.
that's pretty cool that you were in it. i didn't like the song much and that guy reminds me of will ferrell.
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very neat that you were in the video.

i will say that directing does not seem to be Kevin Drew's specialty.

yeah basically...

Although I'm not sure if you've seen the "Backed Out On The..." video, cause that was a pretty sweet idea.
Three cheers for Mattie for posting an accessible link.

I, personally, think that video is great.
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and she probably lives in Tahiti.
The video was a tribute to glam rock. That makes it amazing by itself. Not to mention that the song is good.

And how does this make you tools? Cross dressing is perhaps the least toolliest thing imaginable.