Just thought id write a little humorous poem. c4c as always. all feedback is welcome

Constant pounding in my skull
Life in hell is never dull
Ill spend my life here with you
A brimstone cottage with a view

Lunch with Lucifer
, Midnight snack
Shower with statan
A heart attack

Ill get my wings bound with leather
To fly through fire like a feather
I'll grow a tail, want one too
Pointy horns to poke them through

Paid my dues
Been misused
Yet here I am
Sittin next to Uncle Sam

Now were here
Best make due
Ill spend my life
Here with you
(We are) The anti-cancer
(We are) The only answer
Stripped down, we want you dead
But what's inside of me, you'll never know
(We are) Bipolar gods
(We are) You know what we are