I just got myself an m-box and pro tools 7 LE, with a whole bunch of other programs and plugins, including 'big drum factory' or something.

ok i understand various ppl have different opinions on whats good recording software/hardware 'oh u should have got HD LOL!!!11!!' but i have what i have, i like it and i got it for **** all $$$ so plz don't turn this thread into a war of opinions.

however since im a newbie with all this software/harware im a little overwhelmed with all the programs and plugins. basically i want to learn how to get a great mastered sound with the drum machine plus my own vocals/guitar tracks.

so does anyone know what book/online tutorial/video/etc i can look at to get me started on learning it all?

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if possible id suggest taking a class, like maybe at a community college or something (cheaper). its really helpful to have someone around to answer any questions you might have, as opposed to trying to figure it out on your own through books (which can be discouraging when answers are really hard to find, or the question you have is too specific to just "look up" the answer for).
Youtube some videos and then read though the help file as needed.

new programs are hard to learn and I really felt LE was tough to use but after a while im sure youll learn to use it.

Local colleges like the one im going to teach this program...but the HD version...