So i was lookin into the MetallicA website today and i noticed that they had a design scheme that worked up from last week, check it out, and theres a video. its the new album name!!!!!

It better be better than St. anger. and i think its funny how ultimate-guitar. com has no coverage of this.


-the video


-the cover design
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Im still thinking they could have done better for an album name. Like come on, it's been how long they've been working on it? And that's it?
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That's pretty cool I suppose.

But seriously, don't capitalize the 'A' at the end of Metallica.
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... yeah, i was thinkin that for a little while, but i remember a long time ago that they said they might call it a number, we're lucky that they didnt do that. and not to dis on this album, but what did people think when they came out with master of puppets? as long as it sounds good i guess....

and sorry bout that "a" thing, my friend does that alot, ha
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It better be better than St. anger. and i think its funny how ultimate-guitar. com has no coverage of this.
There's been a pit thread on it...I think someone guessed at "Death Magnetic" from the letters that had been shown before
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okay....thats myspace, and im not really gettin it

The posted 2 articles about the same thing...
Metallica's new album title.
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oh, sorry, i got it

i c wut u did thar
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