1.What would happen if you used wire instead of a cap? (Im not that stupid, just curious.)
2.Whats the best sounding wiring schematic for a P-Bass? (Gonna be a fretless, if that helps you make your choice.)
3.Whats the point of grounding into the bridge, could you not just ground it to the body in the wiring cavity? If you must wire to the bridge, can you not solder it on? I had trouble with small ground wires coming loose, so I stepped up the wiring guage to 18, but instead of that work, couldd it just be soldered?
(Last question may be slightly dumb to ask)

Thanks, Derek
caps modify tone. Then there would be no tone modification. It'd be really fun if someone put a resistor in there. I wonder what would happen.
1. For the tone control? A wire would attenuate all of the signal, not just the higher frequencies. A resistor would attenuate most of the lower frequencies, depending on the resistance.

2. I don't know. Best sounding is rather subjective.

3. Noise reduction. In order to ground it to the body, the body would have to be conductive, i.e. made of metal, or covered with conductive paint. Depending on the bridge plating or coating, you might be able to get solder to stick to it.
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1 - Why would you want to use a wire? If you don't want a tone control, take it out.

2 - Not many options, if it's a one pickup guitar.

1. Just curious what it would do, of course I want a tone.
2. Ive seen about a dozen different P bass schematics, just wasnt sure if anyone had any preferences.