I'm close to purchasing a multi effects processor and I was almost set on getting the X3 live. But lately I've been hearing alot of good things from the GT-10, at first I would say the X3 beats the Gt-10 hands down I saw the X3 as a much more organic sounding proccesor. But after sometime more and more videos of the GT-10 started poping and I really started seeing its true potential. But now with this parallel effects chain with the harmonizers and pitch shifter I'm really just blown away by the Gt-10. After hearing this video along with a few others I thinking I'm getting the GT-10. so first off can the Pod X3 do anything like this?


Secondly convince me why I would want a Pod x3 over the GT-10?
I'm just looking to see if anyone thought I was making the wrong dissision.....An if the Pod could do that in the video?
Personally I have yet to see the GT-10 but if they have improved upon the GT-8's sound then you are in for a treat. I used to have a GT-8 but then moved to its rack version, the GT-PRO (pretty much the same thing) and I have to say its a great multi-FX unit. I don't like the crap Line 6 puts out as they are more concerned on putting out units that mimic amps than making FX platforms to use with the amps it mimics. Heck, the POD XT Live doesn't even have an FX loop!
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How about amp model wise I've never really got a chance to sit down with both of them I played the GT-10 a little at Guitar center. But for anyone who's done a side by side how did the amp modeling compare?