epiphone http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Epiphone-Korina-Flying-V-1958-Electric-Guitar?sku=518235


ibanez http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Ibanez-SZR520-Electric-Guitar?sku=518118

both the same price, and both have their +'s and drawbacks either way id be replacing the pickups with a tone zone in the bridge and an air norton in the neck

since i cant decide what do you guys think?
not a big V fan, and as for the ibanez i just dont like the look of it. So personally since your changing pups anyway i would go with the heavier/more solidly built guitar to have that deeper tone.
Well the ibanez has gotoh tuners, but the epiphone is made of korina, which is very lightweight.

However, in this situation I'd recommend the ibanez for 2 reasons:

The pickups will probably sound better in it

The v shape is hard to sit and play with, unless you go classical style with it.
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get a gibson SG... i think they are in the price range

that better be sarcasm or your a dumbass

I don't like the flying v.

And I like the sz's
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It was such a good suggestion you gave him pi?

yeah, he gave me pi.
well i do a lot of soloing, and noodling around, metal, classical, rockish sort of influences but i already basically built myself a shred guitar, so now i'm looking for something thats gonna be a powerhouse o' tone to inspire me to get my rhythm playing up... so that i might actually be capable of finishing a song from beginning to end... (i write craptons of intros solos and outros but i can never bring myself to come up with more than a catchy riff)
Ibanez is 10x better
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V if your going to play live more ofte, because it looks so damn sexy, but the ibanez would blow it out of the water
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choose the 2nd one.
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a soloist/shredder buying guitars for about 500 bucks what?
anyways just buy the frikkin ibanez.
Defiantly go with the Ibanez i have one similar and it rocks the socks off of me but it’s not a shred guitar but it’s great for everything