I am considering buying the Fishman Neo D soundhole pick up for my acoustic guitar. After reading the reviews online I am impressed with the comments and feedback about this product but I realise that these could be placed by the company as a marketing tool.

Has anyone experienced this item and can provide any comments?
Fishman's Neo D is a decent pickup. The Fishman Rare Earth's are even better though. My LR Baggs M1 Active also has a great sound.
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I got my Fishman Neo-D just 3 days ago.. And I gotta be honest with you:...... It sounds great!

The only thing i could complain about is that if your guitar isn't wellbalanced tonewise, the mic may do more harm than good. But since I have a guitar that is wellbalanced in both lows and mids, I think it works absolutely great. Catches the low-mid-high really well (especially the distinct lows). Buy it

What guitar do you use?