Ok so i always knew that the end of heartache album was half framus dragon and half 5150 and Rose Of Sharyn was Framus Cobra, Joel Stretzel from Killswitch confirmed this for me, now i think they used a 5150II because theres a spot on the KsE dvd where u see the 5150 underneath the framus dragon and i paused it there to see the knobs and theres only 1 knob visible, its DIRECTLY under the P in peavey (bottom right corner) and then i go to Peavey 5150 google image to see which knob that is, and there is no knob directly under the P, one the left and 1 to the right, so i type in 5150II and there IS one underneath the P, now im looking at the picture on my screeen and i think i see a "II" next to the 0 in 5150. but its an OLD 5150 because some of the knobs are missing and stuff, SO BASICALLY, does anyone know for a 100 percent fact that they used 5150? and does anyone know if they used 5150 II
nvm joel just mailed me back it IS an ORIGINAL 5150, thats strange though i must be seeing things
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if u are referring to spelling i probably meant to say metal
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He actually e-mailed you back? Thats pretty cool.

not joel from killswitch, but his best friend (he is also named joel) i know him from another forum