so im looking to upgrade my guitar. i have a bronze series b.c.rich, and im tired of it. i want either an Agile AL-3000 or a fender standard HSS strat(mexican). My style of music is like van halen but with less shredding, mixed in with a lot of clean stuff. recently, ive been playing a lot of clean, but i dont wanta guitar only good for clean. like im kind of worried the agile wont be as good clean as the strat, but im also worried the strat wont have enough power to satisfy.

i have a peavey valveking 112, classic crybaby, OD, and pocketpod.

any suggestions?

Although I usually plug Agiles I will have to say go with the Strat, the Agile would do OK with cleans but a Strat is definitely more or less what you're looking for instead of an LP.
As far as i know on an agile its expected that you have to eventually change the pups (i could be mis-informed) and although you may want a better bucker in the strat that would be only one new humbucker instead of 2 and the single coils in addition to the bucker will give you the diversity you want.
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Yeah, Go with the Strat. Agiles are pretty good, but I'd say the Strat would suit you a bit better.
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well, its not really about whether you want good cleans, because both guitars have good cleans, they just have their own unique sound.

the strat will give you that really twangy, bluesy sound
while the les paul has the fuller sounding, very british tone to it.

it's all just a matter of preference, really. i suggest you try out both guitars in a store, using a valveking, considering that is the amp you will be using.