Alright, so I've started getting into recording, using a drum machine for the drum tracks. But with the songs I'm recording, I find myself always playing a little faster than the beat. No matter what I do, I always play just a little faster, and it sounds terrible. Any tips for how to slow down and play along properly? Thanks.
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Practice with a metronome dude,

that is all...

Learning to play to a click/drum track is essential if you wanna record sick music (not always true)
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Er...practice? Seriously though, practice is the answer to just about anything. In this case practice with your drum machine until you can stay in time consistantly. Also basically what you said: "slow down and play along properly".
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No, Im not using headphones. I just have a mic on my amp that feeds into a little mixer, then the mixer goes into the line-in on my compute. I'm using audacity. And I do practice with a metronome. When I'm practicing, and recording, it sounds fine to me, but its only until I listen to it that it sounds bad.
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Well, first off, it might be lag. Get nother musician's opinion. Have em listen to both you playin and then the recordin.

If it's not lag, then slow the **** down til you practiced nough with a metronome to do it well.
theres a good chance it might be recording lag.... just test yourself to be sure. play along with a click and make 100% sure everything is lining up. if you arent accurate just practice it a lot, you will get a feel for it.
it happened to me too, it was because i couldn't hear the track properly, you just get lost... just try using headphones or anything to get the best sound so you can play it right
Tap your foot along to the beat. And start simple with the metronome going relatively slow. If you still keep speeding up, slow it down until you don't speed up.
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Alright, thanks for the tips everyone. I finally figured it out - it was just lag. I restarted my computer and tried it again and it was perfect. I guess just having all this other stuff running was screwing it up.
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