are there any videos of stormy monday on youtube that have the turn around that goes G - Am - Bm - A# - D - D#- D - G? all of the ones i've looked at have been the normal 1 - 4 - 5 progressions and that not what i'm looking for. if you could give me the link that would be much appreaciated

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Allman brothers

YouTube hasn't been cooperating with me lately, but there are a couple of videos of The Allman Brothers Band playing Stormy Monday, as well as one of a man who plays along with the backing track (from The Fillmore East album, I'm assuming-I could actually watch it because I can't currently play any YouTube videos).
^I have that same youtube problem, every video I do it just says "video is no longer available". But I think there are some recent allman bros videos of stormy monday.
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I don't mean to hijack but.. Any idea what key / chord progression is in Little Milton's version?
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