Thought up a little song earlier today.

i have the intro and the verses but im not sure what i should do for a chorus?

any ideas

oh and any crit is much appreciated
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Well, it sounds alright. Really, it makes me think I'm at a funeral. I don't know if that's what you were going for, but that is sure how I perceived it. Maybe for the chorus, you should switch to distorted guitars and start cranking out power chords and harmonies.

It's pretty nice, though.

Crit mine?
It all makes sense
We're capable of beauty
Through sounds that make on cringe
The dogs only hear us now

haha, i dont really know what kinda feel i was giving it, i just based it off the intro riff.

hmm ill try that, hopefully when i have enough money for a synth and a audio interface i can record it down.

oh and i tried checking out your stuff but the file isnt there.