Hey guys, kindly head over to


and then click on the one that says Demo.06.08. Its just a quick improv thing i did with no re-takes etc...because recording stuff properly is a bitch Anyways thanks for checking it out guys and leave me your stuff so i can check it out!
Well first off, the sound quality was pretty terrible, but whatever. The riffs were pretty interesting, the song had kind of an atmospheric vibe to it in the first minute and a half or so. I also liked the sneeze . I also thought the kind of middle eastern sounding part at 2:30ish was pretty cool.
But yeah for pure improv this was really awesome dude, but you should try recording some stuff properly. Yes, it is a bitch and its alot of work but it really pays off in the end, at least for me. Anyway, nice job, hope to hear more in the future
****ing Melodeath, I love it dude. Me and you have similar styles/influences in playing, so hopefully my crit isn't bias lol.

Criting as I go: The intro is ****ing brutal as hell, the minor second power chord from the root really ****ing destroys lives. And the diads you did after that are really ****ing awesome. And I love your sneeze you did + 1 for just being cool and not being up your ass about the recording like me :P. You also get + 1 for Improv, cause Improv is the only way to actual access a musician's mind. Anyone can write an epic in a week, but it takes true skill to right an epic on the fly, and you did that very well. I really like the harmonic minor slow solo-ish leads you did after that. You got a nice reverb going and I'm a ***** for reverb. I like the chugging/melody riff you did after it too. It's pretty generic riffing, but it's very effective and gives a Suffocation/Slayer type feel. Anyway, all in all the song's awesome and I give ya a 9/10..

Also, Crit me?

Also you should definately enter into the UG Metal Contest III, you'll do very well :P

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