In my house every once in awhile I'll spot a random small white worm with a pink head on the walls. I'm scared ****less as to why these are appearing. I have moths flying in my house a lot I thought that had something to do with it. I'm scared theyre going to get in my food or even my bed or even IN ME.
Pit what should I do?
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Burn down your house.

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exterminator maybe take a pic of it and like show us and maybe someone can identify waht it is and yea help you
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Hire an Ethiopian..they eat insects, so I'm sure they'll eat those for you.
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hire and high powered rifle and take them out yourself
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Most likely its originating from some obvious source thats offering them good food and shelter for the mother of all pink-head worms who gives birth to new worms every few seconds.
I suggest one of these funky new inventions called insecticide-spray cans?
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I thought this thread was about the series of video games. I hate you all.

As did I Worms Armageddon FTW.
And call an exterminator.
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hire and high powered rifle and take them out yourself

Banana grenade IMO
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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I thought this thread was about the series of video games. I hate you all.

me too
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Bug bomb your house.
Just cover up your guitars and amps.

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1st- get a dead body, which you can aquire yourself, or at your local terrorist camp
2nd- put it in your appartment, be sure to spray febreeze er somethin, just to make sure, on the cadaver
3rd- let the worms come to the body
4th- set the body on fire, add fire works for effect
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you guys are useless.
i sprayed raid everywhere.

ha, sorry, it just seems like a topic that people can **** around with. and im dead tired so im prone to that, ha. just set up some of those sticky trap things and use bug spray, if that doesnt work or it gets worse, call an exterminator. you could see on the internet what kinda worms they are, that could help, "knowledge is power"
Make friends with them

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Or Holy grenade.
Better yet, carpet bomb!
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