ok my friend bought an amp at a yard salethe other day for like $25. it was made by a company named Woodson, all we really know about it is that it was made in like 1974. has anyone even heard of this company? i can't seem to find any information on it. if anybody knows a site with this kind of info, i would appreciate it. because i can't find nothin. thanks
Its clear that woodson amps does not exist anymore. They are a cousin company by KUSTOM which still exists today and is a quite Large producer of amps and hifi equipment. I doubt Woodson still exists today. Kustom got together with woodson because woodson used similar circuitry. Woodson amps were made in Bolivar Missouri. I actually found some catalogues from woodson at http://www.vintaxe.com/catalogs_ampgear_woodson.htm. In vintaxe's forum, you can probably get more info about woodson.
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