you know that ridicoulus commercail where brad paisley is jammin out on his blue tele and everybody is eating smores and havin a great time, its been around for awhile.

i couldnt get a read out on the label but the tone he got out of the telecaster and the amp was amazing! theres no sound clip or youtube vid so ya kind of have to have seen it or know what brand this cabinet is:

it was probably a 2X3 foot cab and a small head on top, probably almost half the size of the cab, and the whole thing was a light tan color.

maybe an old fender?
Isn't it rumored that he owns a Trainwreck?
perhaps it was that?

Other than that, I thought BP used AC30's and Dr. Z's in the studio/onstage.
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onstage he uses two or three dr.z's. im pretty sure he has one of those in the commercial
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ya those definatley look like it. they have the darker brown carpet over the speaker and the tan around the body.thanks.