never wandered into this part of the forums, but I have been wanting to get a bass for a while now to record along with my drum tracks and guitar and also to help complete songs with my band who is still looking for a permanent bassist.

I am looking for something cheap and good. I don't know anything about bass pickups, tuning stability, and how the tonewood affects the...tone. So help me out!

I was thinking something like a Squier starter? Or should I just get something like an Epiphone SG bass or something?

Don't really want to spend more than $2-$300 as this isn't for playing with it full time. Thanks!
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Ibanez GSR200 is the one I have, and really, it's a great starting bass, just raise the strings a little.
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+1. And remember than unles will only be playing the bass unamplified or direct into the recording system, you need a bass amp. A guitar amp will not do.
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i suggest getting an ibanez gsr200. it's a great bass for a good price
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What about the Agathis body? I know Agathis is looked down upon in the guitar community.
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What about the Agathis body? I know Agathis is looked down upon in the guitar community.
It's generally considered "not bad"

As you've probably seen in the FAQ, avoid Epiphone basses. Ibanez and Squier are probably the best starters. If you're used to skinny guitar necks, you'll probably find a Jazz bass or an Ibanez SR the most comfortable.