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Well i just came back from seeing them in concert and it was amazing.

Ive always listened to Rush, but i never actually had any Cds, i used a Zune Pass to get a ton of rush, etc.

But now there was a problem and not even Microsoft could figure out why my account didnt work

So im buying Cds again, and i need to know the definites.

I already had 2112.

All i know else to get is Moving Pictures and Hemispheres.

They played this one song, i think its called "One Little Victory" and i love it, cause i remembered it was on NFS Hot Pursuit 2, so what ever album that is i need it.
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"Permanent Waves" is a good one, also "One Little Victory" is on "Vapor Trails"
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Hemispheres, Moving Pictures, A Farewell to Kings, and Roll the Bones.
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moving pictures, farewell to kings, permanent waves, rush (by rush), and counterparts.
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Quote by DownInAHole.
Hemispheres, Moving Pictures, A Farewell to Kings, and Roll the Bones.

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Quote by DownInAHole.
Hemispheres, Moving Pictures, A Farewell to Kings, and Roll the Bones.

thats a pretty good place to start actually.

if you are interested in any type of greatest hits, Chronicles is a good one to pick up. its a 2 disc set.
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Well my favorite 3 Rush albums are 2112, Moving Pictures, and A Farewell to Kings. Hemispheres and Permanent Waves are also albums I recommend. Their new album is pretty good too if you wanna get that.
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I'm surprised that their newest album, Snakes and Arrows, hasn't been suggested yet.

Since you recently saw Rush in concert, I'm sure you're familiar with much of the album. Though I had bought the album prior to seeing them live, it was not until I saw them live in concert that I truly appreciated it.
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i really like Test for Echo, and Caress of Steel along side all the favourites, moving picture, permanent waves ect...