It's from the early 70's and is of somewhat cult status. I saw it on IFC and noticed how awful it was, so I want to wiki it.

It stars a fat transvestite (who is obvious, but it doesn't mention anything about being a tranny in the film.) 's'he gets pregnant from this fat guy with skidmarks on his underwear.

The fat transvestite is shown as glamorous and sexy in the film with no references to her being fat (or a man.) Many of the characters find her attractive and unapproachable.

Please help me out so I can have another laugh.
what!? sounds ridiculous

edit: by the pit's standards, even.
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and it is by John Waters.

I thought it would be.IFC loves him.
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Sounds like a really really ****ed up porno.
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Thank you Jesusaurus.
John Waters ftw
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I think its 18 in california but I'm just wonderin cuz if i get caught then I can be like "well legally im allowed to watch it" and they'll be like "k koo"