I got a sweet Pyrex glass pipe the other day for 5 bucks. However the mouth piece has been chipped and is a little jagged. As in cut your ****ing lip jagged. So my question is: could i used a sanding tip on a dremmel tool to sand down the sharp edges?

Hopefully somebody in the pit knows a thing or two about cutting glass.

And im planning on smoking out it really soon so i gotta figure something out.
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He was just asking if he could sand Pyrex glass with success!
It doesn't matter whether it's a pipe, a glass dildo or anyhting else you could think off that's made of Pyrex..

About the question, I really don't know, man.
I sanded the mouthpiece on my plastic, almost-yard glass bong, and things turned fine, but it ain't the same..
Maybe try looking for sanding+pyrex on google or something..
Good luck!
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You can, but just be careful. Normally glass is best worked underwater, but if you can't do that, do it slowly without applying too much pressure and it'll be fine

Disclaimer: May not all be fine
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