hey guys. i need a small practice amp. I wont be using this for anything but for myself. it can not be over 150. under 100 is preferred. it needs to have an ok sound. by ok i dont mean decent, as you cant get decent for that type of money, but i mean the tone is good enough so it isn't discouraging. I already have a peavey classic 30, but i dont want to be hauling that to my uncles house or playing it when everyone in the house is asleep.

my amp choices so far:



one of those small peavey amps(recommend one)

anything else

recommend one please and thanks
look for a transtube 258 efx.
its an older model (should make it cheaper when u find it)
has nice built in efx
cleans sound good
distortion isnt that great, but use a scooped mid setting and lean the back of the amp against a wall in ur room so that the speaker is pointing diagonally upward this always gives the distrotion on my 258 more clarity and crunch
EDIT: btw its a peavey amp
Well, if you are looking at a Microcube, I'm gonna go ahead and suggest a DA5. If you want a tube amp, try out the Valve Junior.
no need for tubes. Just a straight practice amp with a practicable tone.
I think micro cube wins this one.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not