i know both these guitars are hollowbodies and they looking virtually the same, but are there any important differences in feature, tone, etc?
gibson > epiphone
in every possible aspect.
better pickups
higher quality electronics
better woods
better craftsmanship
better tuners
= better tone
ok wat if i put it between an epiphone es-335 and a sheraton. are there any tonal differences or feature differences that are noteworthy?
depends. havent listened to either enough to see that much of a difference. care to elaborate?
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John Lee Hooker or BB King. Who do you like better?

John Lee Hooker.

And Lucille an ES-356 with stereo wiring.

The Sheraton is a bit beefier than a Dot, has a fuller sound, and more sustain. But it is beefier, so keep that in mind.

The Sheraton is higher quality than the Dot, too. It has a full bound body, and higher quality hardware. I don't know what the sustaining block is made of in either, but it's considerably heavier in the Sheraton.
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I believe John Lee is playing a Century in that vid, not a sheraton. And like I said, Lucille is an ES-356 with stereo wiring and no F holes.